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Inspired by nature, proven by science.

Amezcua products are developed with science at the core, guided by leading experts in quantum physics, biochemistry, and health. But we don’t stop there. Our products are continually subjected to rigorous testing by external scientific institutions and certification bodies, ensuring their effects are comprehensively and objectively verified. In addition, studies on Amezcua’s cutting-edge products have been widely featured in peer-reviewed scientific journals.

As a result, Amezcua customers can be confident that our products are highly effective and safe to use.

Safety testing

At Amezcua, we prioritise product safety by adhering to stringent safety testing protocols. Independent testing and certification help you to make an informed choice. Our products are tested in some of the world’s most highly regarded independent test centres.

  • Safety studies at VKTA Germany

Clinical research

Amezcua is committed to substantiating our products with evidence-based research. We collaborate with leading scientists and researchers to conduct clinical studies supporting our products’ benefits and have them published in reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals. This approach allows our IRs and customers to trust the science behind Amezcua products and confidently share the benefits with others.

  • WATER – A Multidisciplinary Research Journal
  • Studies at BION Institute, Slovenia
  • Studies at IHM Institute Japan
  • Journal of Applied Biotechnology & Bioengineering
  • International Journal of Complementary & Alternative Medicine
  • Studies at Institute of Frontier Science, USA