Product Evaluation & Certifications


Lifestyle Set

Evaluator Country Scope Bio
Disc 2
Amezcua DRINK Amezcua
Amezcua MOVE E-guard Chi Pendant Energy
The National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (University ITMO)
Decreased Energy Imbalances in Human Body; Positive Effect Over Water
Positive Effect Over Water
Electrochemical Quality Consulting Corporation (EQC)
Positive Effect On Beverages  
Positive Effect On Food    
Institute of Electrophotonic
Positive influence over Human Body



Positive influence on Water
Positive influence on Food    
Centre for Biofield Sciences
Positive Effect Over Human Body
Balances Chakras and Energy Centres in Human Body
Dr med. Michael Kucera
Czech Republic
Increased Energy and Harmony Levels in Human Body
Decreased Stress Levels in Human Body
PROGNOS, MedPrevent GmbH & Co
Positive Energy Fields
Dr med. Manfred Doepp
Improve Energy Medical Criteria        
Reduced Impact of Perturbing Technical Radiation        
Increased Energy Levels in Water and Human Body
Protection Against
Positive Energy Field
Positive Effect on Beverage  
Positive Effect on Food    
Dr. med. Paul-Gerhard Valeske
Protection Against Electrosmog        
IAF - Radioökologie GmbH
Radiation Safety
Justus Liebig University of Giessen
Radiation safety
National Environment Agency
Radiation safety
PSB Laboratory
Water Surface Tension Value
I.H.M. Institute
Energy Levels in Water and Water Quality
Manufacturing Quality


* Tests conducted on some properties of the original Amezcua Bio Disc also apply to the efficacy of the Amezcua Bio Disc 2, as the two products share some of the same manufacturing qualities.


+ Tests conducted on the Amezcua Bio Disc 2 have shown a higher efficacy and effectiveness than results of the same tests conducted on
the original Amezcua Bio Disc.




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